Art Of Thinking

The Art of Thinking is a series of meetings with the leading thinkers, authors, scientists and critics – those who comment on the broadly understood reality. Once a month, the invited guests, together with the hosts – Professor Piotr Augustyniak and Bartek Szydłowski – take part in a theatrical performance, and then look at a selected problem of contemporary culture, discuss its causes, and – together with the audience – search for a solution.


Regular → 20 pln

Reduced → 5 pln (for students)

The meetings provide a platform for a creative and critical discussion, free from ideological fervour, on the contemporary condition of Polish women and men. Bold and honest questions are asked here about the fundamental problems and challenges of contemporary Poland, its place in the modern world, its future and past. All this in order to find a formula for a society that will shake off the nightmarish lethargy so vividly described by Stanisław Wyspiański.

The themes of the meetings illuminate, broaden and develop contexts for the performances created in the theatre. In the Art of Thinking, we form a performative alliance between theatre and philosophy – art and thought – to help artists and viewers unleash their collective potential.

Towards the end of 2017, the Słowo/obraz terytoria publishing house released a book entitled Wyspiański/Zbudź się, Polaku [Wake Up, Pole], which summarizes the first series of meetings. It contains records of conversations and discussions with the audience, as well as scripts of performances presented at the beginning of each Art of Thinking meeting.
The following meetings have been held so far:

Wake Up, Pole, Free Yourself
guest: Prof. Andrzej Leder

Polish Messianism – madness or liberation?
guest: Dr Paweł Rojek

Transgression, Eroticism, Liberation
guest: Prof. Krzysztof Matuszewski

Poland – Drama and Performance
guest: Prof. Dariusz Kosiński

National (Ir)Responsibility
guest: Prof. Jacek Filek

Does Good Kill?
guests: Janusz Palikot, Wojciech P. Duda and Dr Łukasz Kołoczek

Poles, Reflect On What You Have Done
guest: Prof. Jan Andrzej Kłoczowski

How to Break Free from the Embrace of Thanatos?
guest: Prof. Agata Bielik-Robson

Theatre in Ruin – Time for Disco Polo
guest: Prof. Tadeusz Bartoś

Tischner's Poland
guests: Prof. Aleksander Bobko, Prof. Tadeusz Gadacz

Poland Is a Woman
guests: Kazimiera Szczuka, Prof. Janina Filek

Why Jesus Expelled Poles from the Temple
guests: Fr Adam Boniecki and Henryk Woźniakowski


Wake Up, Pole, Free Yourself

Why Jesus Expelled Poles from the Temple

The project is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Cultural Promotion Fund