Genius Loci

„Genius loci is the guardian spirit of the place. We all intuitively feel the nature of our Krakow spirit. However, I would not like to go down this obvious and metaphorical road. So what is the idea of the festival really about? After all, it's not about legends and fairy tales embedded in old walls and historical locations. This festival is meant to remind us of the obligation to revive memory, to dig into repressed themes, to awaken dormant heroes, to review distant and less distant events. The artists are the explorers of the unobvious. This event does not correspond with the tourist brochure image and colourful pictures which convey our ideas and multiply stereotypes about our region or Krakow. What I dream of is an extreme adventure, full of surprising discoveries, that irritates with its closeness and disturbs the peace of an afternoon walk” – wrote Bartosz Szydłowski, the artistic curator of the Festival and the J. Słowacki Theatre on the occasion of its first edition (co-organized with the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre), which was held from 10 to 24 September 2017.

The festival consisted of 11 events, including as many as 9 premieres:

  1. Live the City // Live The City – performance/installation; direction: Kuba Skrzywanek
  2. National Reading of 'Rejs [Cruise]'; script and direction: Bartosz Szydłowski
  3. Landscape. The Anatomy Lesson; text: Weronika Murek, direction: Katarzyna Kalwat
  4. Simona, Where Are You?; Text and direction: Tomasz Cymermann
  5. Into the Fire!; text: Mateusz Pakuła, direction: Wojciech Klemm
  6. Invasion; text: Piotr Rowicki; direction: Piotr Ratajczak
  7. The Heart of the Courageous; text: Zbigniew Bzymek, direction: Krzysztof Garbaczewski
  8. School of Utopia; project by Marek and Marcin Chlanda
  9. Nowosielski. Un/Subtle/Existence; text and direction: Anna Ashes
  10. Jacquerie; text and direction: Jakub Roszkowski
  11. Fathers; text and direction: Marcin Wierzchowski

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