International Contemporary Dance Festival KRoki

The International Contemporary Dance Festival KRoki was launched in 2013 as a response to the almost complete lack of possibilities to see dance theatre performances in Krakow.

The first edition was a review of the most interesting performances by Polish dancers, while each subsequent one already featured in its programme performances by leading dance groups from around the world. Therefore, the festival rapidly established its reputation on the cultural map of not only Poland, but also the world.

The festival is held every year in the spring in the Małopolska Garden of Arts – a place that seems ideal for this type of project because of its open and eclectic nature. Each subsequent edition features a leading theme, a slogan that addresses the ever-changing reality, socio-political transformations, and problems of contemporary art.

So far, five editions of the Festival have been held:

1st edition: CONTEMPORARY DANCE IN POLAND (9-16 March 2013)

2nd edition: BETWEEN WORLDS (22-30 March 2014)

3rd edition: LOST BEAUTY? (17-24 May 2015)

4th edition: (IN)SUFFICIENT BODY (13-22 May 2016)

5th edition: CONFLICTED? (12-21 May 2017)

6th Edition: 11.05 - 20.05.2018

The project is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Cultural Promotion Fund