Minia-tour. Musical Travel Agency – Summer Stage by the Pump (Scena Przy Pompie)
‘I’ll Walk Barefoot Towards the Summer’

As Jeremi Przybora said ‘A song is good for everything.’ or ‘ won't forget me, the song won't let you forget me, and you'll miss me immensely every night, every day.’

We want to transport you into an unreal and yet moving, romantic and amusing world – all thanks to the songs and music that surround us from cradle to grave. You are invitedto 80 minutes of relaxation and musical journey around the world, because as Piotr Skrzynecki used to say: ‘...if we do not entertain ourselves, nobody will entertain us.’


Katarzyna Zawiślak-Dolny, Karolina Kazoń, Ewelina Cassette, Tadeusz Zięba, Grzegorz Łukawski, Rafał Dziwisz.

Band members:

Michał Wierba (piano), Jacek Hołubowski (accordion), Krzysztof Augustyn (double bass and bass guitar), Bartłomiej Szczepański (drums) oraz Halina Jarczyk (violin).

Artistic concept and musical direction: Halina Jarczyk


table seat → 60 pln

audience → 50 pln

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