Theatre of the 21st Century

A series of international conferences and theatre workshops carried out in cooperation with nine most important and dynamic theatres from Eastern and Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Russia) is organized at the initiative of the J. Słowacki Theatre in Krakow.

The project is financed from the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme Measure 8.2 Building the Position of Małopolska in European Cooperation Networks

The project has been divided into three stages: Text in the Theatre of the 21st Century, Acting Art of the 21st Century, and Stage Space in Contemporary Theatre.

2011 saw the completion of its first part, which was devoted to the transformations of dramatic forms in relation to new concepts of politicalness of theatre. It featured two three-day-long dramaturgy workshops run by prominent personalities of European theatre: 2-4 December 2011 – by Stefanie Carp from Germany, and 6-8 December 2011 – by Nikolai Kolada from Russia.

From 12 to 14 December, an international conference 'Text in the Theatre of the 21st Century' was held in the foyer of the Theatre entitled 'Text, Event and Responsibility in the New Theatre'. It was attended by the representatives of nine outstanding European theatres: Volksbühne (Germany), Piccolo Teatro di Milano (Italy), La Rose des Vents (France), Svandovo Divadlo Na Smichove (Czech Republic), Sovremiennik Theatre (Russia), Vakhtangov Theatre (Russia), Lviv Academic Theatre Voskresinnia (Ukraine), Kiev Academic Youth Theatre (Ukraine) and The State Youth Theatre of Lithuania (Lithuania), as well as prominent experts: Ivan Wyrypayev, Małgorzata Sugiera and Mateusz Borowski, and special guests (including Jacek Kopciński, editor-in-chief of the 'Teatr' monthly). The discussion was moderated by eminent theatre theorists and critics: Paweł Sztarbowski (Z. Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw) and Marcin Kościelniak ('Didaskalia').

Events in 2012 :

4 studio visits to foreign partner theatres in Berlin, Milan and Moscow – February/October 2012

2 workshops (six-day-long) titled 'Actor in the Theatre of the 21st Century' – conducted by Ivan Vyrypaev and Karolina Gruszka (1 -6 May 2012) and Leszek Bzdyl (14-19 May 2012)

A three-day-long panel conference titled 'Actor in the Theatre of the 21st Century' - 'Actor: Body and Voice in the New Theatre' with the participation of experts: Mark Geurden from the Jan Fabre Theatre (Belgium) and Andrzej Seweryn (Poland), (29-31 May)

A three-day-long panel conference entitled 'Stage Space in Contemporary Theatre' - 'Stage Worlds of the New Theatre' with the participation of two experts: Nikolai Simonov (Russia) and Paweł Szkotak (Poland), (6-8 November, the Małopolska Garden of Arts)

In 2013, the Theatre issued a trilingual publication (in Polish, English and Russian) summarizing the activities and achievements of the project in previous years. The book was sent to the project partners and its direct participants (members of workshops, study visits, special guests) as well as indirect participants, in particular: libraries, cultural institutions of Małopolska, art schools and theatres all over Poland, and representatives of the Małopolska authorities. A free DVD featuring video material documenting the course of the project was also published in 3,000 copies. The project was concluded with a press conference on the Grand Stage of the Theatre with the participation of journalists, organizers and director Nikolai Kolada, who participated in the project (as a moderator of dramaturgy workshops).