Privacy policy

I. Processing of personal data

1. Personal data provided by the Clients in connection with the registration and the possibility of online ticket purchase for artistic (repertoire) events  for all Stages of the theatre via website is processed by:

Teatr im. Juliusza Słowackiego w Krakowie
[the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow],
pl. Św. Ducha 1, 31-023 Kraków

operating on the basis of the Act of 25 October 1991 on the Organising and Conducting Cultural Activity (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 406, as amended), inscribed to the Register of Cultural Institutions of the Małopolskie Voivodeship under no. 1/99, which is the administrator of such data within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182, as amended).

2. Personal data entrusted by the Clients, in particular the name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, is processed:
(1) in the extent necessary to establish, determine the contents, change, terminate and correctly perform services provided electronically and to complete the submitted orders;
(2) in order to process the submitted complaints;
(3) if the Client consents to receive marketing information from the Theatre, including commercial information sent by electronic means,

3. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, failure to give consent for the processing of personal data by the Theatre may prevent the processing of the submitted orders.

4. By entrusting the Theatre with their personal data, the Clients have the right to inspect it, the right to update it, and the right to demand its removal.

II. Security precautions

1. The theatre ensures the security of personal data thanks to appropriate technical and administrative measures aimed at preventing illegal processing of data and its accidental loss, destruction or damage. The theatre strives to ensure that the information containing personal data is:
(1) correct and legitimately processed,
(2) obtained only for specified purposes and not further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes,
(3) proportional, accurate and updated,
(4) not kept for longer than necessary,
(5) processed in accordance with the rights of the individuals (to whom they refer), including the right to withhold access,
(6) securely stored and not transferred without proper protection.

2. For their own safety the customers should:
(1) log out of the website after the end of each session. Logging out of the website will be completed upon clicking the 'Log out' icon;
(2) keep the account login and password secret, particularly not disclosing the data (login, password) to any third parties;

(3) use antivirus software and regularly scan the drive for viruses;
(4) use the website only on trusted computers or other devices on which only verified software has been installed. Using unknown computers entails the risk of the interception of login, password or other data provided by the Client;
(5) in the event of accessing the website on an unknown computer, e.g. in an Internet café, make sure that the data is not saved on the computer and that the history of the pages viewed is deleted. The stored data may be used by the next person using this computer.

III. Technical information

1. While the Client is using the website, small files (especially text files) are saved on the device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.), containing information necessary for the proper functioning of the website, called cookies. By saving these files on the device, it is possible to e.g. remember the logging data, and therefore the customer does not have to enter the login and password each time. Cookies allow the Theatre to collect statistical data, which in turn enables the website to develop in accordance with the expectations of our Clients.

2. Cookie files do not contain any data identifying the Client, and it is impossible to establish anyone's identity on their basis. These files are in no way harmful to the Client's devices and do not change their settings or the settings of the software installed on them. The content of these files can only be accessed by the server that created them.

3. During the use of website, two types of cookies are employed: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session files are temporary files that are stored on a Client's device until the Client logs out of the website, leaves it or closes the browser. Persistent files are stored on the Client's device for the time defined in the parameters of these files or until they are deleted by the Client.

4. The website uses the following cookie files:
(1) files necessary for the proper functioning of the website – these files enable proper functioning of the website, log in and navigation. Using the website is not possible without saving them on the Client's device;
(2) files that ensure the security of operations carried out on the website. Lack of such files will impede secure functioning;
(3) statistics files – enable the website to collect statistical information regarding the use of the Website;
(4) functional files – files that enable saving the Client's settings and preferences. By saving these files on your device, it will not be necessary to enter your login and password each time;
(5) advertising files – files that enable the receipt of personalized advertisements. These files may be used by the Theatre or its cooperating advertisers and partners, thus enabling the display of an advertisement tailored to the Client's interests, while the number of ad displays may be limited, which will make the advertisements less intrusive, etc.
(6) social files – files that enable the integration of the social networking sites (including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) used by the Client with the Online Shop.

5. The browser settings usually allow cookies to be saved by default. In the event of refusal to save these files on the Client's device, browser settings should be changed accordingly. The change may consist in not saving cookie files on the device, or informing the Client each time a file is stored on the device. The files may also be deleted from the device after each use of the website. For details on how to use and handle cookie files, please refer to your browser's settings and its 'Help' section. Please note that restrictions in the use of cookies may make it difficult or even impossible to use the website.

6. The settings of the browser on the Client's device that allow for saving files mean that the Client consents to these files being saved on this device.

8. The Contracting Party's personal data is stored in the database, in which technical and organizational measures have been applied to ensure the protection of the processed data in accordance with the requirements set forth in generally binding legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data, including the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on the documentation of personal data processing and technical and organizational conditions to be met by devices and IT systems used for the processing of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 100, item 1024). Access to the database shall be granted only to persons authorised by the data controller.

IV. Final provisions.

The rules set out in this document may change as a result of constant technological development and progress. Clients will be informed about any changes in these rules in advance, no later than 7 days prior to their implementation, by Theatre's post with the new content of this document on the website.