Natan Berkowicz

Author: Bonn Park

Direction: Wojtek Klemm

Premiere: 03.07.2021

The MOS Stage - The MOS Stage

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The Rumbling of the Milky Way by Bonn Park is a perfect drama to turn everything on its head. On the stage. Everything else has been on its head for a long time anyway. Nobody really knows how to interpret reality, what conclusions to draw, what to believe and what not to believe. We, the creators, feel as if we were in a giant depravity machine. Could we in any way be the ones to offer advice, to comfort, to raise awareness, to entertain? No way! Now is the time for space travel with a mini alien, for Heidi Klum's insatiable stomach, for a few moments of candour with a Sober Donald Trump, or for a flexible tongue of a chain-smoking giraffe. As for the rest... you can probably feel it - now is the time for everything except thinking about the next five minutes. Good night!

In Poland, copyright to the play is represented by Agencja ADiT Elżbieta Manthey.

Director: Radek Stępień

Premiere: 22.10.2021

The MOS Stage - The MOS Stage

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Reportedly, a severed head retains consciousness for another 6 to 7 seconds. If one could exchange a few more words with it, perhaps we could learn something important about the motivations of a decapitated head.