Dominik Strycharski

Author: Dorota Masłowska

Direction: Paweł Świątek

Premiere: 02.03.2019

The MOS Stage - The MOS Stage

> 18 EN UKR

In the sixteen years since its first edition, the book – seething with sexism and plain boorishness – has managed to become first outdated and then unexpectedly up to date again. In an era when the demons of nationalism come out of their shadows, Dorota Masłowska's Polish-Russki War takes on a striking, venomous glow.

Author: Stanisław Wyspiański

Direction: Paweł Świątek

Premiere: 09.11.2017

The MOS Stage - The MOS Stage

75 minutes
> 15 EN

Published in 1903, Stanisław Wyspiański's drama presents a political, but also highly personal conflict between the representatives of various authorities.

Author: Mateusz Pakuła

Direction: Wojtek Klemm

Premiere: 03.02.2018

The MOS Stage - The MOS Stage

70 minutes, without interruption
> 18 EN

In this play, the authors tackle the basic questions of today's Poland: Should we always look back to the past? Who should be honoured and for what?