The Wyspiański Club

The Wyspiański Club is an offer aimed at Krakow high school students. Its purpose is to create a space where the future cultural elites of our city, region and country can be shaped.

We would like to assist young people in developing conscious and responsible civic attitudes, characterized by a high level of social sensitivity and empathy, critical thinking – independent and resistant to manipulation, as well as an ambition to build their future on the basis of continuous self-education through active contact with the world of art and ideas. We wish to shape in our club members a view of the world that is free from ideological fervour and thoughtless national narcissism. We want to promote both pro-European and modern patriotic attitudes, arguing that these two trends need not be mutually contradicting.


The choice of Stanisław Wyspiański as the patron of the club was not random. It needs to be remembered that all of his theatre work was connected with our theatre. It was here that not only his Wedding had its premiere, but also the Liberation. For us, this is not just a thing of the past. Even today, in our repertoire and other activities, we present Stanisław Wyspiański as a figure that is essential for Polish culture, and yet not fully understood.


Wyspiański Club moderators:

  • Krzysztof Głuchowski – the Director of the Theatre;
  • Prof. Piotr Augustyniak – a philosopher, host of the series of theatrical-philosophical meetings Art of Thinking.


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