The MOS Cinema

The Małopolska Garden of Arts
address → ul. Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków

tel. +48 12 375 21 50

Ticket reservation:
tel. +48 12 424 45 25, +48 12 424 45 28
fax. +48 12 422 40 22


The Małopolska Garden of Arts boasts a modern cinema hall which offers 78 seats for viewers thirsty for high quality movies. Since February 2017, The J. Słowacki Theatre, together with the Pod Baranami cinema, has been co-organizing film screenings under the name BARANY W MOS-IE [BARANY at MOS].

As part of this cooperation, films from the current cinema repertoire are shown in the intimate and space of MOS, free of the smell of popcorn. These primarily include European and artistic films, but the programme also offers American, Asian and other works. The main idea of this venture is to show valuable, interesting, often bold and controversial works; to present film classics, but also independent and avant-garde productions.