Lost In Theatre
Night tours

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Visiting only in Polish.

This visit/project/performance will surely beat the popularity of the American series LOST, which told the story of castaways on a mysterious island. It is a night experience of the theatre, history and ghosts that inhabit its walls. The tour – full of suspense and sudden twists – offers a unique opportunity to see the theatre’s interiors and secret corners, which are closed to the public on a daily basis.

If you have nerves of steel and a good sense of humour, you’ll embark on a fascinating adventure and learn the secrets of one of the oldest Polish stages. At night, the theatre's edifice comes to life, and what is obvious during the day, may transform after dusk. Accept the challenge, listen to the beating heart of the theatre, and to the voices of its eternal inhabitants. Night tours are available to adults only.

A night tour 'Lost in Theatre' begins at the entrance to the Theatre’s ticket office.

Due to the fact that the night tour begins in front of the Theatre building, we advise the participants to be dressed in clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions.

The theatre reserves the right to cancel a tour if the group does not consist of at least 20 people.

Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to tour the theatre.

Ticket price:
90 pln

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