Florence, the reign of the Medici family. The apex of painting, but also time of plague and social unrest. Botticelli, favoured by the rulers, was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lorenzo de' Medici's wife. And thus ‘The Birth of Venus’ comes into being, with a significant contribution of Botticelli’s gifted young student – Leonardo da Vinci. The two men develop a feeling for each other...

A wild story of ‘love in the time of cholera’ – the time when society is searching for a scapegoat to relieve its fears in the face of a disease decimating the country. Against this backdrop, we follow the paths of these remarkable artists who, with irreverence and humour, strive to transcend the socially accepted norms and seek alternatives to the prevailing vision of the world. Unfortunately, they are the first to be sacrificed at the hands of the bloodthirsty 'ordinary' citizens.

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