Ladies and gentlemen, Wyspiański Is Dying

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It’s not, however, a story about dying, but about living. About buffoonery, egoism, jealousy, cruelty and pride. As well as about dreams, art and love. Our production is not a glorification of the Fourth Bard.

The final night of Wyspiański's life. Or perhaps his last moment? The setting is his ‘head-soul’. The space is the stage and auditorium of the Słowacki Theatre. The same place where he first staged his Wesele (The Wedding) and Wyzwolenie (Liberation), and of which he wanted to be the Director. Though it didn't work out, because ‘they’ chose ‘that pompous Solski’. There's also going to be a lot about ‘them’. Those who criticised, refused, took what’s not theirs, failed to pay, got jealous and still, in the end, quarrelled about sharing the costs of his funeral. All the characters that appear on the stage have their origin in the past or present. As opposed to the events which certainly never happened.

In that final moment of his life, when imagination replaces reality, his mother, who died many years earlier, comes to greet Wyspiański. And she leads him like Virgil through the space between life and death, where – just like on the stage – anything is possible.

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