Late Company

  • Author: Jordan Tannahill
  • Translation: Klaudyna Rozhin
  • Direction, text, musical arrangement: Iwona Kempa
  • Assistant directors: Błażej Biegasiewicz, Stanisław Chludziński
  • Stage design and costumes: Joanna Zemanek
  • Stage manager: Iwona Cieślik
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It starts a bit like Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage: two married couples come together discuss a problem that has driven their children apart. This time, however, it will not be funny as the matter itself does not inspire jokes. Exclusion, cyberbullying, and finally suicide – these are the issues addressed in this text, sparking post-show discussions among the audience members s in Canada and the West End. How can this story resonate in Poland? In today's Poland?

Late Company is a fascinating play by a young Canadian artist, Jordan Tannahill, whose playes haven’t been staged in Poland yet, but who is already widely acclaimed around the world. It is directed by Iwona Kempa, who thus returns to the Słowacki Theatre.

Guest appearances:

Aleksander Gałązka (AST) - Piotr

Jakub Suwiński (AST) - Kuba

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