Simona K. Crying in the Wilderness
one-woman show by aGNIESZKa PRZEPIÓRSKa

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Tue 18 19:00
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A play based on the book ‘Simona. Opowieść o niezwyczajnym życiu Simony Kossak’ [‘Simona. A Story of the Extraordinary Life of Simona Kossak’] by Anna Kamińska, published by Wydawnictwo Literackie in Krakow.

'Simona K.' tells the story of a woman who is not easy to understand, and who is difficult to love. Simona Kossak is not a forest angel saving deer, birds and trees. She’s a flesh and blood persona.

Filled with conflict, seeking to be acknowledged, but not fully appreciated. ‘Simona K. Crying in the Wilderness’ is a story about an unusual woman full of contradictions. Strong yet lost, uncompromising yet sensitive, but above all – very courageous. Throughout her life Simona has been battling with something – with her surname burdened with the legend of generations of artists, with her family's expectations, with her own idea of happiness. Ultimately, she chooses life in isolation, which requires strength and faith in the legitimacy of her choice.

The production of the play ‘Simona K. Crying in the Wilderness’ was possible thanks to the Kultura nie boli [Culture Doesn’t Hurt] Foundation and premiered on the stage of Big Book Café in October 2020.

photo: Marta Wróbel

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