Lepper. We Shall Hang or Sit

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One of the most controversial figures in Polish politics in recent decades, people's tribune, founder of 'Samoobrona' [Self-Defence] party. His turbulent political activity – from organiser of farmers' blockades and strikes, to the position of deputy prime minister and deputy speaker of the Sejm, through to his mysterious suicide in 2011 – prompts us to take a closer look at his personal story, but also at the situation of the entire social sector he represented, heavily affected by the transformation of the 1990s.

Its problems and tragedies remained unnoticed until recently. The shift towards a people's perspective, which has emerged in recent years, invites us to examine the question of the absence and "unimportance" of the people's narrative as a phenomenon that has accompanied us for centuries, being a resultant of the quasi-slave system that prevailed for most of the history of the Polish Republic. The Polish nobleman/intellectual has never respected the Polish peasant (in fact, he has repeatedly denied him his humanity), noticing him only when he had a knife at his throat: literally, during a plunder, or during the uprisings, when the peasant's scythe would come to the rescue of the nobility being slaughtered by the invading armies. And nowadays too, in an age of clientelistic politics, a cry can be heard going from the cities to the countryside: wake up! But do those who make this call know what it could actually mean?

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