Fables for Robots

  • Author: Stanisław Lem
  • Direction: Agnieszka Olsten
  • Scenography: Olaf Brzeski
  • Costumes: Olaf Brzeski, Sylwia Lasota
  • Music: Aleksandra Gryka
  • Lighting and video: Robert Mleczko
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  • The MOS Stage
  • Premiere: 07.05.2018
  • The show uses paint with a strong smell and flashing lights.

Performance with English subtitles

So far known for her intriguing plays for adult audiences, this time Agnieszka Olsten focuses on three stories from Stanisław Lem's series Fables for Robots.

She takes us on a joint journey away from the planet Earth. Who are the palefaces, moving on limestone structures? Why do they need a constantly moving worm in their mouth? Why do only stars shine in the night sky and the gentle zits and pritons have disappeared? And who in space can make insatiability and hatred disappear from the world?

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Press Release


Thanks for the help in organizing the spectacle for companies

The performance takes part in the 4th edition of the Competition for the Staging of Old Works of Polish Literature "Klasyka Żywa"

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage