Play It Again, Sam

  • Author: Woody Allen
  • Direction: Krzysztof Babicki
  • Translation: Grażyna Dyksińska, Jerzy Siemasz
  • Scenography: Marek Braun
  • Musical elaboration: Krzysztof Babicki
  • Production: Agata Schweiger
90 minutes
> 15 EN

An extremely funny, bittersweet comedy penned by the master – Woody Allen. It is a story of a divorced, neurotic middle-aged intellectual who is desperately looking for a new, ideal partner.

Therefore, he seeks love advice from his best friend's wife and from Humphrey Bogart, who turns up in the least expected moments. It is a wonderful play full of absurd humour, cruel satire and deadly seriousness. The witty dialogues feature all of Allen's most important themes and fascinations – the intertwining motifs of cinema, New York, music, love and the passing time.

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