A Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders

Author: Wojciech Bogusławski

Direction: Cezary Tomaszewski

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Grand Stage

On the day of the premiere – 12 December – the performance will be streamed as part of the ' Divine Comedy' International Festival.

A Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders, is a comic opera in two acts originally written by Wojciech Bogusławski to the music of Jan Stefani, or rather a 'singspiel', a sing-play inspired by Mozart and his Abduction from the Seraglio and The Magic Flute.

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Author: Rodrigo Garcia

Direction, lights: Szymon Kaczmarek

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Machine House [Miniature] Stage

A father, a ruler, a husband, a commander. This mythical archetype constitutes a starting point for García in his confrontation with the audience. The title itself makes the protagonist of his text more than just a father, shopping for his family. He resembles Michael Douglas in Falling Down, who lets go of all his inhibitions. He cannot stand the lies, the shallowness and the pettiness of the surrounding reality. He treats all his social and family connections to a brutal therapy.

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Ameri cane

Director: Mirek Kaczmarek

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Machine House [Miniature] Stage

The play is recommended for adult audiences.
Music: songs by Fred Buscaglione


  • Mateusz Krystian – keyboard instruments
  • Krzysztof Augustyn – bass guitar, double bass
  • Bartłomiej Szczepański – percussion

Ameri Cane. Is it an American dog? America gone to the dogs? Or just toying with the name of the character created by Fred Buscaglione – Americano?

Ameri Cane is a musical, jazzy and very personal story about a man. About a middle-aged man with long, curly hair and a white suit. About a man who sings Italian phrases by Fred Buscaglione and – less beautifully – utters words by Charles Bukowski. About a man who describes himself in these words:

„I've scored the district,
drunk the city,
screwed the country,
pissed onto the universe.
There is not much left to do.

But he sings beautifully.

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Author: Jakub Roszkowski

Text and direction: Jakub Roszkowski

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Grand Stage

Enchanted by the worlds of Hobbit, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, we often forget about our own home-grown mythology: our Slavic gods, heroes and beasts. They tend to live in our consciousness only in an infantile, primitive form. So how about trying to actually revisit this realm?

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Author: William Shakespeare / Stanisław Wyspiański

Direction: Bartosz Szydłowski

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Grand Stage

‘In Poland the mystery of Hamlet is the following: what in Poland is there to think about’.

These are Wyspiański's words from his Study on Hamlet, written feverishly in several days – a work that constitutes a source of inspiration for many Polish directors. Wyspiański contained therein his fascination with the phenomenon of theatre, his love for the brilliant text, and his great desire to read it so profoundly as to shake the conscience of his compatriots.

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On Cats

Direction: Tomasz Cyz

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Machine House [Miniature] Stage

A selection of poems from Charles Bukowski’s book ‘On Cats’ creates a bitter-sweet (sung!) tale of feline closeness, tenderness, love, hate, fear, battles, wounds and dying. On the stage we’ll see four types of cats: ‘a bland fellow, gets along with all the other cats’, ‘the clown, big boy, endless scratches’, ‘her existence is so damned (...), if she could read she would probably wax to the sisters Brontë’, and ‘the perfect animal, he will never be tamed’.

Perhaps we’ll recognise our own cats among them, or we may even recognise ourselves. Our failures and brief moments of happiness, loneliness and love. Especially love. After all, as Bukowski said ‘I don't like love as a command, as a search. It must come to you, like a hungry cat at the door.'

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Director: Wojciech Faruga

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Grand Stage

Wojtek Faruga and Magda Fertacz's Project inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, and the life and work of Oriana Fallaci. We will take a look at the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran through the lens of these old Persiantales. The play is inspired by Oriana Fallaci's visit to Tehran as a reporter to interview Ayatollah Khomeini.

Fallaci Orly spent a few nights in Tehran, but one was special – when Her safety was at risk after she had dared to unveil her hair in the presence of the charismatic leader. Like a modern – day Scheherazade, Fallaci will fight for Her right to live through the power of her story.                              

Guest appearance: Krystian Łysoń as Taher–dancer, Hassan's boyfriend, opponent of etery autority

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The Name of the Rose

Author: Umberto Eco

Direction: Radosław Rychcik

The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow - The Grand Stage

Performance with English subtitles.

Great novels on the stage of the Słowacki Theatre! The Name of the Rose – the 1980s masterpiece will be directed by Radosław Rychcik, famous for his surprising, original interpretations of Polish classics. When writing about the reasons for writing the novel, Umberto Eco confesses that he ‘wanted to poison the monk and tell this story’.

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