Peter Pan and James Hook

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For all those who are familiar with the story of Peter Pan, and those who will travel to Neverland for the first time, the Słowacki Theatre in Krakow is developing a completely new story of the Eternal Boy, Wendy, the powerful Fairies and the famous pirate James Hook, drawing abundantly from the splendour of the original.

Everything went wrong in Neverland. Peter, too reckless to foresee the consequences of his decisions, let Wendy die. He gave up his divine name – Pan, grew up and left Neverland, leaving it at the mercy of Captain Hook. Now Hook is writing a new chapter in the history of the Island. The whole story needs to be fixed, the already grown-up Peter must be invited onto a new journey, and his faith in the power of imagination needs to be restored. Wendy will return and the Captain's new precious treasure will play an important role in the story.

Magdalena Miklasz, the creator of such productions for young audience as Łauma the Witch or Captain Nemo, Maciej Podstawny, the not-so-grown up author of the adaptation, and the one-eyed pirate-like stage designer Mirek Kaczmarek invite you to Neverland.

After each performance, the unique space of the NBP Krakow Economics Salon in Basztowa Street will offer young viewers a workshop, during which we will try to combine the magic of Peter Pan’s theatrical journey with economic knowledge.

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