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Love that originates and evolves in the shadow of death, or a classic elaborate tale of affection – this time reduced in form to four actors: two Juliets and two Romeos.

How do we fall in love today? What sacrifices do we make and how do we die for love?

The performance constitutes an attempt to interpret the myth of romantic love in the context of questions of the contemporary human condition and the individual's readiness to love. This in turn leads to reflections: is true love possible without sacrifices? Or can a love that requires sacrifice be true?

The play, based on Wiktoria Rosicka's 1892 translation, will be produced in and will simultaneously use Polish phonics, Polish sign language and always available Polish subtitles. Thus, the creators aim to create a universal performance that does not require additional translation into Polish Sign Language and is always accessible to both audiences with hearing disabilities and without.

The performance is created by deaf and hearing people.

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