My Stay’s Almost Over and I’m Still Alone
A sanatorium operetta

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Yet another group in the sanatorium. New patients arrive at the springs to regain their health, profit from treatments and exercise, go for walks and, above all, dance. The director of the centre – Józef Dietl – is an outstanding doctor. A doctor who understands that treatment will not work without love or at least a spafling.

Therefore he created a recipe for an elixir that allows to experience the first intoxication even for those who have already returned to diapers. A recipe.... which he has lost and is now looking for in the spa, trying to retrieve its composition. He thinks back to the times and places where he tried to create it. He travels into the mythical and historical past.... while the patients subject themselves as diligently as they can to the discipline of diet and exercise in order to regain their former health, and in the afternoons – throw themselves into the swirl of social life.

Perhaps the mystery of the elixir will succeed in turning back time. On the other hand, perhaps time is fine as it is – when right now, while retired, an ailing body gets one more chance for love, or even better: for sex.

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