Arsenic and old lace
Authors of premiere at Broadway – Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse

  • Author: Joseph Kesselring
  • Direction: Krzysztof Babicki
  • Director's assistant: Sławomir Rokita
  • Scenography: Marek Braun
  • Choreography: Jacek Tomasik
  • Stage Manager: Iwona Cieślik
130 minutes
> 15 EN

If you enjoy perfectly tailored black comedies in Agatha Christie's style, if you want to laugh out loud at one moment and freeze in horror at another, this performance is perfect for you!

A Broadway hit, performed non-stop for decades for full audiences, will offer superb entertainment to everyone. The main roles are played by two outstanding ladies of the Polish stage: Anna Polony and Urszula Popiel.

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