Winter Nesting

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The performance involves the use of smoke, burning sage and stroboscopic light.

The town of Cukrówka in the Zmornicka Valley, somewhere near Wadowice. A seemingly ordinary place, teeming with small-town longings, joys and problems. And yet ... a naked girl roams the streets at night, a body is washed up in the nearby lake, one of the locals becomes a fortune-teller, and miracles happen in the church. An aura of mystery and horror hovers over Cukrówka. What’s really going on there? Whose corpse is it? What secrets do the people living there hide? And are we really sure we want to discover them?

‘Winter Nesting’ is a novel by Krakow-based writer Dominika Slowik, hailed as the literary event of 2019 and awarded with i.e. the Passport of Polityka. It transports us to the small-town atmosphere of the Polish transformation and the early 2000s to take a look at our magical everyday life in an incredibly engrossing way, at times menacing, but also full of irony and humour.

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08.03.2021 | 17:10