The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

  • Author: Bertolt Brecht
  • Direction: Remigiusz Brzyk
  • Dramaturgy: Radek Stępień
  • Translation: Roman Szydłowski, Witold Wirpsza
  • Set design and costumes: Iga Słupska
  • Set design and music: Szymon Szewczyk
  • Choreography: Dominika Knapik
  • Lighting design: Wolfgang Macher
  • Director's assistant: Radek Stępień
  • Production: Bartosz Jelonek
  • Stage Manager: Anna Wójcicka
  • Guest actors: Kinga Bobkowska (AST WA), Robert Ciszewski (AST WA), Hubert Fiebig (AST WA), Mateusz Górski (AST WA), Jakub Guszkowski (AST WA), Stanisław Linowski (AST WA), Sebastian Magdziński (AST WA), Aleksandra Samelczak (AST WA), Michał Sikorski (AST WA)
  • Dancers: Szymon Dobosik, Patryk Durski, Maciej Kosteczka, Piotr Stanek, Kamil Wawrzuta
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135 minutes
> 15 EN UKR

Arturo Ui is a petty gangster. He begins his career by offering 'protection' to cauliflower traders. However, he quickly climbs higher and higher into the world of finance and serious politics, using a variety of methods. Eventually, he wins the elections. From cauliflowers to absolute power.

Bertolt Brecht published The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui – one of his most important dramas – in 1941. In this grotesque, revue-like way, he presented Adolf Hitler's rise to power. Playing with the pattern of Shakespearean chronicles and gangster stories, he takes a look at the birth of fascism and the triumphant march of Nazi power through the country. Today, the director Remigiusz Brzyk will examine this story on our stage. What will he read from it?

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