The Name of the Rose

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Performance with English subtitles.

Great novels on the stage of the Słowacki Theatre! The Name of the Rose – the 1980s masterpiece will be directed by Radosław Rychcik, famous for his surprising, original interpretations of Polish classics. When writing about the reasons for writing the novel, Umberto Eco confesses that he ‘wanted to poison the monk and tell this story’.

Therefore not only do we get a novel with a crimeplot, but also a kind of insight into the writer's workshop. What we have is a story about forbidden love. Forbidden love for a woman, forbidden love for books, for wisdom, for knowledge, for fraternal love, and finally for love of God. Can love within the monastery walls be a crime? Is love a poison?

The premiere of The Name of the Rosewill take place on 1 February on the Grand Stage of The Słowacki Theatre.




 Bartłomiej Oskarbski

Agata Schweiger

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