A Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders

  • Author: Wojciech Bogusławski
  • Direction: Cezary Tomaszewski
  • Dramaturgy: Iga Gańcarczyk, Daria Kubisiak
  • Set design and costumes: Bracia - Agnieszka Klepacka, Maciej Chorąży
  • Music: Jan Stefani
  • Arrangements: Tomasz Leszczyński
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A Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders, is a comic opera in two acts originally written by Wojciech Bogusławski to the music of Jan Stefani, or rather a 'singspiel', a sing-play inspired by Mozart and his Abduction from the Seraglio and The Magic Flute.

First performed in 1794 at the National Theatre in Warsaw, it has since since then regularly appeared on Polish stages and in the repertoire of the national opera, and was hailed by Leon Schiller as the first national opera. The national character of this work is based on an attempt to capture the rural landscape, and on the cheerful yet frivolous scenes where the Cracovians sing while cultivating their land, and sing while fighting for it. Love, intrigue, clan conflict, singing and dancing. It almost sounds like a recipe for a country musical or the Polish West Side Story. More relevant to us than it may seem at first glance.

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