• Author: Carlo Collodi
  • Direction: Jarosław Kilian
  • : Jarosław Kilian
  • Translation: Zofia Jachimecka
  • Music and musical arrangement: Grzegorz Turnau
  • Lyrics: Jarosław Kilian
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150 minutes + 2 breaks
< 15 EN

Pinocchio is one of the most famous works from the canon of classic children's literature. The amazing adventures of a wooden boy constitute a wonderful story about curiosity, gaining maturity and the difficult attempt to accept one's own imperfections.

Our outstanding specialist in theatre for young viewers, Jarosław Kilian, plays with this familiar story with great imagination, and seeks therein a universal message for children of all ages.

The amazing adventures of Pinocchio are accompanied by songs to Grzegorz Turnau's music. The show is also enriched with wonderful costumes and magical, constantly changing scenography.

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